Accessing Classroom Resources on ICSS Website

ICSS To Undertake Archiving Resources For Social Studies Classrooms.

The ICSS website is an ongoing venture.  It seeks to help fulfill the ICSS’ goal of being the advocate for social studies in Indiana.  The website will keep you informed about ICSS, opportunities for social studies teachers, and will attempt to archive resources teachers can use in their classrooms.  

The menu of the website has an item called links and resources.  It is here you will find the archived resources.  They are filed by course.

At the moment, we are working on populating the eight grade US history course.  We are working from where teachers likely are in January 2020 to the end of reconstruction.  This should make it immediately useful.  After that task is complete, we will start from the beginning of the course to the election of 1844.  

We will also be dropping resources into other courses as we find/receive them.  Every effort will be made to work vigorously on the archiving of resources weekly.  

Robert Brady

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