Eight Grade Course




The Beginning of the Mexican War

Lesson video with activities from C-Span

The Mexican War

Background Reading (PDF) and Song. Reading by Milton Meltzer and song by David Rovics. 1974. 4 pages and 5 min.
The story of the San Patricio Battalion, Irish-American soldiers who deserted the U.S. Army during the U.S.-Mexican War and fought on the side of the Mexicans.

Mexican War — Polk sends troops to the Mexican Border

Voice of America’s Online history. Passage and audio of the passage. Display page and listen as you read. You can also download an MP3 of the passage for use.

Mexican War

An online text section on Mexican War with section questions at the end Good source for teachers building their own curriculum within an LMS.

The United States Mexican War

United States Foreign Policy Resource Guide

Mexican War Peace Treaty

Lasting Effects of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Lesson from the National Parks Service

Mexican War

Mexican War Tea Party. —Teaching Activity Zinn Project

The Mexican War Peace Treaty

https://www.nps.gov/teachers/classrooms/lasting-effects-of-the-treaty-of-guadalupe-hidalgo.htm noopener noreferrer

Mexican War Peace Treaty

Nice small video segment explaining the negotiations in Mexico City carried out in defiance of Polk

Analyzing the Mexican War

Using Historiography to Analyze the Mexican-American War

The Mexican War

From David Muzzey’s 1911 textbook

Mexican War

Library of Congress Web Guide

Mexican War

Conflicting Voices of the Mexican War —use for Honors section or gifted class

Mexican war

National Archives lesson for teaching using the treaty

Mexican War

Foreign Policy Researcy Institute’s take on what student’s should know about the Mexican War

Mexican War

Robert E. Lee — Learning the Ropes in Mexico

Mexican Cession

Short Video. — be warned! This shows the view of many Latin American countries about the land taken by the USA

Mexican War Peace Treaty


Mexican War

Mexican American War game. — brain pop

Oregon Territory

The Oregon Territory Issue 1846. Office of the Historian Department of State

Oregon Territory.

The Oregon Territory Boundary Dispute video. Long-47 min. Detailed.

Oregon Yerritory

Cartoon on Pregon Dispute

Oregon Territory

Web page from the Smithsonian. General information. Useful for build your own curriculum on LMS.

Oregon Territory

Web page on Oregon Territorial History — secretary of states Office, State of Oregon

Oregon Question

Political Cartoon — Polk’s Dream

Oregon Territory

White board “chalk talk” video

Oregon Territory

American Expansion into the Northwest — easy walk through video you can stop and elaborate as you need to accommodate your student’s needs.

Polk’s Four Point Plan for his Presidency

Very short Prezi on the four goals Polk set for his time as President