First Level Planning for Flipping All or Part of Your Classroom Instruction

Want more time on classroom activities that push learning/

Begin by remembering good reading comprehension depends on (a) good vocabulary and (b) a large bank of prior knowledge.  The prior knowledge part takes up much of our classroom time, especially with struggling students.  Students who are not ligetimately special needs are struggling because they lack vocabulary and prior knowledge.

one way teachers have attacked this problem is with flipped learning. The knowledge acquisition is done as the “homework”.  For the struggling readers, a part of the homework is teacher video teaching — the teacher talk part.  Another part may be reading, but usually with accompanying\audio version of the text.

class time then goes to the activities and the higher order thinking skills(HOT) work.


Here is a brief article setting out in broad description how to plan for flipped teaching.

Robert Brady

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