Special Service Nomination

Submission Deadline: September 15th
The Special Service Award is presented to ICSS members for service to social studies education.  Nominees are judged by the ICSS Board of Directors on the following criteria:
  1. There must be tangible evidence that exceptional contribution by the nominee toward social studies development are characterized by:
    a. consistency of contributions,
    b. the distinctive excellence and quality of contributions, and
    c. the impact and effect that the contributions have had or are having upon social studies development
  2. Nominees must be distinguished by their length of service to ICSS and their contributions toward the implementation of ICSS goals.
    Nominations must include:
    a. nominee’s name
    b. address,
    c. phone number,
    d. email address,
    e. length of service through ICSS, and
    f. the name, address, phone number, and email address of the person making the nomination.
  3. Nominations must indicate:
    a. the exceptional contributions of the nominee toward social studies development,
    b. the consistency of exceptional contributions
    c. evidence of distinctive excellence and quality, and
    d. evidence of the impact and effect on social studies development.

    Additional supportive data may also be included.