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Advocating in Indiana for Social Studies

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When you become a member of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies (ICSS), you join a thriving community dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of social studies education in the state of Indiana. The ICSS serves as a hub of professional development, resource dissemination, and networking opportunities for social studies educators and professionals across all levels. Here are the specific benefits you can expect as an ICSS member:

  1. Organizational Connections: As an ICSS member, you gain access to a network of institutions and professionals in the field of social studies, fostering inter-organizational partnerships and collaborations.
  2. Professional Networking: Our diverse membership provides opportunities for meaningful connections at local, state, regional, and national levels, allowing you to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow professionals.
  3. State Conference Discounts: Enjoy reduced rates at state conferences, where you can learn about the latest trends and innovations in social studies education.
  4. Announcements and Updates: Stay informed about national, regional, and local seminars, workshops, and symposiums. Never miss an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  5. Education Resources: Our website serves as a valuable tool for the dissemination of social studies and education resources, providing members with immediate access to relevant, high-quality content.
  6. Vendor and Resource Center Connections: Gain exclusive access to a variety of vendors and resource centers, enriching your teaching or professional resources.
  7. State Awards and Honors: Stand a chance to be recognized for your contribution to social studies education through our state awards and honors program.
  8. Seed Grants for Special Projects: Apply for seed grants to support your special projects, enabling innovative teaching methods and practices.
  9. Networking Opportunities: Take advantage of multiple networking opportunities that help you connect with other professionals in the field, fostering collaboration and shared learning.
  10. Professional Development and PGP Certificates: Participate in professional development programs, with the added benefit of earning PGP certificates, enhancing your professional profile.
  11. Leadership Skills Development: Get opportunities to develop leadership skills, empowering you to make significant contributions to your community and the field of social studies.
  12. Regular Professional Development: Stay up-to-date and continue to grow in your profession with our regular professional development initiatives.

Membership in the Indiana Council for the Social Studies provides countless benefits, aiding in your professional growth and contributing to the overall enhancement of social studies education in Indiana. Join us today, and together, let’s make a difference in the world of social studies.