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Center for Economic and Civic Learning

The Center for Economic and Civic Learning (CECL) at Ball State University is dedicated to advancing economic and civic education in Indiana. It focuses on providing resources, training, and programs that support educators in their efforts to foster a comprehensive understanding of economic and civic concepts among students.

CECL emphasizes lifelong learning, helping educators transform information and experiences into practical knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The center’s programs are designed to engage Indiana educators, providing them with the tools and knowledge to deliver effective education in economic and civic topics. Through partnerships with local communities, state organizations, and national entities, CECL works to improve the economic and civic life of Indiana’s citizens, cultivating a deeper understanding of how these concepts impact daily life and society.

For educators, CECL offers professional development opportunities, innovative teaching methods, and a wealth of resources to enhance classroom instruction. The center’s approach is geared toward promoting civic responsibility, economic literacy, and community engagement. By equipping educators with these tools, CECL aims to make a positive impact on Indiana’s educational landscape and contribute to the development of informed, engaged citizens.

Opportunities for Educators

  • Professional Development: Workshops and training sessions to enhance educators’ skills in teaching economic and civic topics.
  • Teaching Resources: A collection of educational materials and tools to support classroom instruction.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Partnerships with other educational institutions and organizations for knowledge sharing and networking.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: Programs that promote engaging and effective approaches to teaching economics and civics.
  • Community Engagement Programs: Initiatives that encourage civic responsibility and participation among students.
  • Grants and Funding Opportunities: Support for special projects or innovative teaching practices.
  • Guest Speakers and Experts: Access to professionals in the fields of economics and civics for unique learning experiences.

Opportunities for Students

  • Competitions and Challenges: Events and contests that stimulate interest and learning in economic and civic topics.