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Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

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The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History stands as a beacon for educational excellence, particularly in the realm of history education across the United States, including in Indiana. By providing an extensive array of resources, professional development opportunities, and access to a wealth of historical documents and materials, the Institute empowers educators in Indiana to bring American history to life in their classrooms. Through initiatives such as the National History Teacher of the Year Award, Gilder Lehrman recognizes the hard work and dedication of history teachers, offering a platform for Indiana educators to gain national recognition for their contributions. Additionally, the Institute’s rich assortment of teaching resources, online exhibitions, and seminars enhance the educational experience, enabling Indiana’s teachers to inspire their students with a deep, nuanced understanding of America’s past. In this way, the Gilder Lehrman Institute plays a pivotal role in enriching history education for both teachers and students in Indiana, fostering a profound appreciation for the complexities and achievements of American history.

Opportunities for Teachers

  1. Professional Development: The Institute provides various professional development opportunities, including summer seminars, online courses, and webinars led by eminent historians, aimed at enhancing teachers’ knowledge and teaching strategies.
  2. Classroom Resources: Access to a vast collection of historical documents, lesson plans, and multimedia resources to aid in creating engaging and informative history lessons.
  3. History School: This features online courses for students, which can also be a valuable tool for teachers looking to supplement their curriculum or provide additional learning opportunities for their students.
  4. Affiliate School Program: Schools can join this free program to receive access to even more resources, including classroom materials, scholarships for seminars, and special opportunities for students and teachers.
  5. National History Teacher of the Year Award: An annual award recognizing outstanding K–12 American history teachers across the country, with nominees and winners receiving cash prizes and recognition for their excellence in teaching.
  6. Traveling Exhibitions: The Institute offers traveling panels on various historical topics that schools can host, providing an immersive learning experience for both students and the community.
  7. Hamilton Education Program: In partnership with the musical “Hamilton,” this program provides students and teachers with a unique opportunity to integrate the study of American history with performing arts, including a chance to see the musical.
  8. Gilder Lehrman Book Prizes: Celebrating excellence in historical literature, these prizes can be a valuable resource for teachers seeking high-quality, vetted historical readings for their classrooms or professional development.
  9. Teacher Seminars and Workshops: Held both in-person and online, these events cover a wide range of topics and provide teachers with the chance to deepen their historical knowledge and pedagogical skills.
  10. Primary Source Libraries: Access to a digital archive of historical documents and primary sources, which can be used for research, lesson planning, and student assignments.

Opportunities for Students

  • History School: Offers online courses that delve into various aspects of American history, led by expert historians and educators. These courses are designed to complement and enrich students’ historical understanding.
  • Hamilton Education Program Online: A unique program that combines the study of American history with the musical “Hamilton.” This opportunity blends history, music, and theater to create an engaging learning experience.
  • Student Essay Contests: The Institute sponsors annual essay contests for students, encouraging them to research and write about significant topics in American history. Winners are awarded scholarships and prizes, fostering academic achievement and interest in history.
  • Affiliate School Program Benefits: Students at schools enrolled in the Gilder Lehrman Affiliate School Program have access to exclusive contests, resources, and educational events. This program aims to support and enhance students’ historical education and engagement.