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Levi and Catharine Coffin House

The Levi Coffin House, located in Fountain City, Indiana, is a significant historical landmark and museum that serves as an excellent educational resource for educators and students alike. Known as the “Grand Central Station” of the Underground Railroad, this house was owned by Levi and Catharine Coffin, prominent Quaker abolitionists who helped over 3,000 enslaved people escape to freedom before the Civil War. The museum provides a vivid glimpse into the lives of those who fought against slavery and the intricate network that formed the Underground Railroad. Through guided tours, educational programs, and a variety of exhibits, visitors can explore the Coffins’ home, learn about their courageous acts of resistance, and gain insights into the broader context of abolitionism in the United States. The Levi Coffin House Museum not only commemorates the legacy of its namesake but also offers a powerful educational experience that encourages deeper understanding of American history and the enduring struggle for justice and equality.