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Project Archaeology

Project Archaeology collaborates with the Indiana Council for the Social Studies to provide Indiana educators with resources that incorporate archaeological concepts into social studies education. As a liaison partner, Project Archaeology helps educators understand and appreciate diverse cultures and history through archaeological inquiry. Their resources are designed to support educators with curricular materials, professional development, and support for integrating archaeology into the classroom. Through this partnership, Indiana teachers have access to innovative teaching methods that align with state social studies standards.

Opportunities for Teachers

  • Curricular Materials: Ready-to-use educational resources that incorporate archaeology into classroom activities.
  • Professional Development: Training programs and workshops to help educators understand and teach archaeological concepts.
  • Support and Networking: Access to a national network of educators and archaeologists for collaboration and support.
  • State and Regional Programs: Localized support to address the needs of specific regions or states.

Opportunities for Students

  • Field School Programs: High school students, aged 13-17, can enroll in field schools that teach excavation techniques, artifact identification, and laboratory work, among other archaeological skills. The programs include both field and lab work, along with lectures and other activities related to archaeological practices​​.