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Racial Equity

The Indiana Council for the Social Studies fully supports the statement made by the National Council for the Social Studies

As an organization devoted to supporting Social Studies teachers in Indiana, it is our position that it is the job of educators to dismantle harmful systems of racial oppression in education. 
We must teach like our lives depend on it, because for some of us, it does.

The Indiana Council for the Social Studies supports educators in moving beyond allyship and advocacy for their Black and Brown students to being accomplices in the fight for justice and equality, with concrete ways to do our parts to remove racial oppression from our schools. To that end, we endorse the following resources as a first step for educators beginning this work: 

The Indiana Council for the Social Studies will continue to dialogue with educators from around the state.  We will continue to put together meaningful opportunities for development and conversations that will advance equality and justice in education for our students. We welcome your feedback and ideas about how we can meet your needs at this critical time.

The success of our Black students is central to the success of our own teaching.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Students Matter.

Black Educators Matter.