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The Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana

The Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana (GENI) at IUPUI plays a pivotal role in enhancing geography education in Indiana by offering a wealth of resources and opportunities tailored for teachers. Through initiatives such as the Indiana Middle & High School Story Map Competition, GENI fosters an interactive and engaging learning environment that encourages students to explore geographic concepts using GIS technology. The organization supports educators with a variety of lesson plans and activities designed to integrate geographic thinking and technology into the curriculum, catering to different educational levels. Additionally, GENI celebrates Geography Awareness Week annually, providing resources and activities to highlight the importance of geography in students’ lives and the broader world. They also offer small grants to fund innovative geography education projects, including classroom activities, field trips, and other student engagement initiatives. While professional development opportunities are a cornerstone of GENI’s offerings, providing workshops and seminars to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills in geography and GIS. Networking opportunities arising from events like story map competitions and Geography Awareness Week further enable teachers to connect, share best practices, and collaborate on educational projects. Through these diverse initiatives, GENI significantly contributes to the professional growth of teachers and the enrichment of geography education in Indiana, equipping educators with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to inspire a deeper understanding of geography among students.

Opportunities for Members

  • Indiana Middle & High School Story Map Competition: Encourages students to better understand Indiana’s history through GIS and story mapping.
  • Geography & GIS: INspired by YOUR Place: Offers insights into using GIS to explore geographical concepts and local places.
  • Teaching & Learning with GIS: Provides guidance and resources for integrating GIS into classroom teaching.
  • Lesson Plans & Activities: A collection of geography-related lesson plans and activities for classroom use.
  • Indiana Redistricting & Elections: Educational resources focused on the geography of redistricting and elections in Indiana.
  • STORY MAPS: Competition & Resources: Information about story map competitions and resources for creating story maps.
  • Weather & Climate: Educational materials related to weather and climate studies.
  • GENI Small Grants Form: Offers small grants for projects related to geography education.

Opportunities for your Students

  • Indiana Middle & High School Story Map Competition: A competition that allows students to use GIS to explore and present stories about Indiana’s history, geography, or other aspects of their local environment.
  • Geography & GIS: INspired by YOUR Place: Encourages students to engage with geography and GIS through the exploration of their own places and communities.
  • Indiana’s Underground Railroad Story Map 2023: An example of a successful project where students can learn about significant historical events in Indiana through the creation of interactive maps.
  • Indiana Geography Awareness Postcard Contest: An opportunity for students to express what geography means to them and how they identify with their place in a creative format.
  • ArcGIS Online Story Map Competitions: National competitions inviting middle and high school students to create story maps that reflect their understanding of various themes related to geography and society.