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Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship

The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship (BFTF) is a program initiated by the U.S. Department of State‚Äôs Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It was established in 2006 to honor the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, recognizing his significant contributions as a statesman and diplomat who fostered understanding between Americans and Europeans. Franklin’s work across the Atlantic utilized diplomacy and media to enhance information exchange between Americans and people from other countries.

The BFTF aims to guide U.S. and European participants in exploring necessary knowledge for better communication and addressing the challenges of the 21st century together. It focuses on how young people engage with media as both consumers and producers of information, emphasizing the rights and responsibilities associated with freedom of expression.

The fellowship brings together a diverse group of intellectually curious students from Europe and the United States, aged 16 to 18, for an intensive four-week exchange program at Purdue University. The program is described as academically rigorous and culturally diverse, offering a valuable forum for European and American youth. It includes interactive classes, seminars, workshops, webinars, and teleconferences led by prominent scholars and specialists in international relations, diplomacy, communication, media, and civic education.