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Gilder Lehrman:The National History Teacher of the Year Award

The National History Teacher of the Year Award, presented by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, is a prestigious honor that celebrates exceptional K–12 educators who have demonstrated excellence in teaching American history. This award recognizes teachers who not only convey the importance and richness of American history in innovative and engaging ways but also inspire a deep respect and understanding of the subject among their students. Recipients of this accolade are chosen for their use of creative teaching methods, the ability to make history accessible and interesting for today’s youth, and their overall contribution to the education community. The award not only brings national recognition to the winning teacher but also includes a cash prize, an archive of classroom resources for the teacher’s school, and the opportunity to participate in special Institute programs. This initiative underscores the Institute’s commitment to quality history education and its support for teachers who are shaping the next generation’s understanding of their country’s past. Nominations for the award are due by April 30th, making it an annual highlight for educators nationwide to showcase their achievements and potentially gain national recognition for their dedication and impact in the field of American history education.